SK's Backgrounds and Overlays help

Heyyy, lovelies, I’m a background and overlays creator, and I’ve been doing this for around 2 years now, and throughout the years my work has kept improving as I keep learning new and different things to share with you and help you :heavy_heart_exclamation:
Seeing others sharing their work with you to help you all, encouraged me to do the same, so here I am…

  • I’ll post here as often as I can any new/old backgrounds or overlays I find/make.
  • Please note, to use my work I require credit with my forum name, or my Episode name Blanche+Supernatural… Anyone who wishes to support me can go and follow my Insta, sk_supernatural, where you can find all my stories, accounts, and platforms I’m available on ^_~
  • Please note, you are not allowed to request on here, if you need any specific background/overlay, which you didn’t find on this thread, you can either PM me or request on my art shop.
  • Don’t spam this thread with any requests/posts about discussion not relevant to this topic, or I’ll have to flag you.
Random bgs that might be of help ^_^
Some beach honeymoon bgs

Spy bgs

Underground ring bgs

Fighting ring bg

River bg and overlay

River bg
River overlay

(Only) Seatbelt overlay

Seatbelt overlay

Pirate ship bg and overlays

Shower bg



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