Sksjks i need a bisexual mc stories!

hiyaaaa! okay so i neEd stories to read with a bisexual option. most stories i read only have homosexual or hetero options and i need both. so does anyone have suggestions where you can choose to be interested in males and females or where you are no matter what? thanks <3

edit - i prefer ink.


the infected by caitoriri is a really good one


thank u! <3

also off topic, but i love your story lol

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Bisexual bachelor(ette) (along with their swapped gender version Bisexual Bacherlor(Ette): alternate reality TV) by AJ

omg! thank you so much :sob::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

He Can’t Tame me (has 3 L.I, one of them being a girl, and the MC is bi)


ya, i’ve read it! it’s one of my favorites :slight_smile:


Ahh I’m reading it currently. Is it good?

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honestly top 5 of all the stories i’ve ever read. meila is such a great writer!


Wherever I go by @Alisha.Sophie has also a LGTB Option later in the story, but it’s not a must :slight_smile:
And, it’s one of my favorites.


I love that story so unbelievably much!

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the fourth floor
because of her


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I’m publishing my first story tomorrow and it has all sexuality options (: MC is male though.


bump bump bitches <3

Hi! I recently published a story that fits this description :blush:. I can leave the details for you here:

Title: Exodus V
Author: Pentorama
Genre: sci-fi, action/adventure
Style: LL


Description: When an evil force threatens to touch down on Earth, David is given a chance to turn his life around and make a difference. David must help his new group of friends prepare for the onslaught of the evil Rogue. David, however, will soon realize all of the lies, confusion, and heartbreak that comes with the task of saving the world.

  • LGBTQ choices/ multiple LIs

Status: Three episodes and ongoing
Release schedule: I’m aiming for every Wednesday/ every other Wednesday
Link: Exodus V
IG: shane.pentorama

I hope this helps you out! :revolving_hearts:

I was about to recommend He Can’t Tame Me but I see you already read it. Honesly, this story is so good!

  1. Define Future by Ana Stacy
  2. Caught Up in the Moment by Ana Stacy
  3. Galileo School of Magic by Lee Funk -> you can also choose in which style (INK or LL) and gender you wanted to play as

These three stories are so good and have the bisexual option :slight_smile:



I have a story called Two’s a Charm! MC is bisexual with a history of dating both sexes :slight_smile:

Here’s a link if you’re interested :heavy_heart_exclamation: