Skskkskss I need helppppppppp

Hey, guys I seriously need some help!! What do you guys think the best way to start an episode story is? Please let me know!!! Thanks!

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maybe a narration, or a peek towards the end kinda thing??

Yes, I recommend this way because some of the best stories I’ve ever read started with one of these two ways.

I think it depends on what kind of story you are going to write. some of the best stories i’ve read either started with narration; giving background info about past events in the characters life or stating facts about what is happening in present time. you could start your story from a flashback, then lead it towards how your character is and how he/she grew from the situation, and sometimes you could just start your story with your character having an ordinary day like going to school, work, or doing a regular everyday activity by talking to friends, having a love interest, etc. you can literally start from scratch and build it up to whatever you want!!

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