Sky's free proofreading shop (open)

Hi, Episodians! Hope you are doing fine! This is my free Proofreading artshop

What I will do?

  1. I will read your story, and point out grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes.
  2. If you want I can also help with coding and syntax error in the programming.
  3. I will spend a max 5 gems in your story (bonus)

1.Fill out the form

  1. You must credit me as @/sky_writesepi in your story
  2. Comment done after filling out the form

Your request will be completed within a week
I will send the corrected version where you have requested me to.



Hold on-
Please don’t delete this.
I’m coming back at you for this thread.

Sure, I am here, I have changed its location to find a writing partner