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Do you have any questions about art? perhaps, wanting to learn how to do splashes or such? You’ve got your gal! I can pretty much help you with everything that is related to ART

How do we ask you?

  • You can ask me anything by simply PMING me or Replying on this thread! It is much highly appreciated if you could ask me through PM tho!

Can we help other people here?

  • Yes you can help each other! Maybe you’ll learn something from each other :wink: The only thing that is not allowed here is to ADVERTISE YOUR THREADS so inorder for this not to happen, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REQUEST HERE you can find many artists that can help you with art! I could help you also :wink:

Any further questions? Pm me!

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how can i learn to do such beautiful and glorious edits?


practice, but just go with the flow! If you want drawn edits, draw what you think is inside of you
There are plenty of tutorials in youtube including epy.enchantress tutorials and night.epy tutorials!

What is the episode splash font?
The episode splash font, is RALEWAY
you can download the raleway font here

How to download that font?
You can download that font by clicking + SELECT THIS FONT after, someting shows up that says “1 family selected” click that, after that click on customize you can choose multiple of which you wanna download after, you can click the download symbols

Short summary of how to download that font

  • Click the + Select this font on the top right
  • Something that says “1 family selected” shows up, click that
  • Click on customize
  • Click on “medium 500” but you can choose multiple
  • Click on the download icon and click on download

Wait for the file than click it! If your on android or phone, click on open then it should let you choose where you want to open your zip file click on your drawing program or download PHONTO it should show up so click on INSTALL

If your on computer it should show the file under your computer click on it, it should shoul let you save the file, save it then click on it, click on install at the top and viola!

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How to erase backgrounds from episode characters?

There are 3 options that I tend to use

First option

  • Copy the image of your character in their POSES
  • Go to powerpoint
  • Paste the character in a blank page!
  • Click on the image and go to the format section
  • On the top left there should be a remove background option, click on that
  • Erase the backgrounds and then click save changes
  • Right click the character without background and click on save as picture
  • Choose a place to save your character and viola your done!

Second Option

This option is super easy to use! It only takes a few minutes and viola your done!
Heres the website to erase your bg:

When you open that website, there should be a tutorial that pops up, read that and once you;ve learned it click on close

Third Option

So what you want to do is copy the image address of your character or simply save it

  • Click on the wand tool or click the W key on your keyboard
  • Click on the white background and use the eraser tool to erase it
  • If there is still some white background left use the magic wand again and click on the white background again
  • Repeat if necessary

There are 2 options on where you can erase background, one is an app for erasing backgrounds and the other is actually on the drawing app

Option One
To do this, you have to firstly download the app MAGIC ERASER or ERASER those apps are for actually erasing backgrounds so I prefer to use these app

Once you have them downloaded, you can now start using it!

  • Screenshot the image of your character in chrome or in the episode app
  • Open the image by the app ERASER, then crop it as best as you can
  • There are some tools and options there you can use AUTO, EXTRACTION MODE, MANUALLY ERASE, REPAIR

It is when you go and click on the white background it erases immediately

Its like erasing it manually/auto but you have to use the remove background and keep tool the green and red ones

You have to manually erase the backgrounds with this

When you made a mistake in erasing the background, you can use this tool to recolor the mistake

Option Two
First, you have to go on your drawing app I prefer to use Ibis Paint X

  • Use the Magic Wand tool just like the tutorial on pixlr from above ^

You can also use the selection layer! After, on the right of the layer there should be a opption to “Clear layer” click that and you have your character without background!

Any questions? Post down below!

Hi can I get some art tips

Of course! What do you need to know?

Thanks so I want to improve my covers and splashes
Do you have any instagra accounts or youtube that can help me that include the app Ibis paint

If you want to know how the tools work on the specific app theres a youtube video for that:

However, if you need to know anything about how to make splashes etc…
I found a couple videos:
For drawing go to nighty.epy tutorial

For contour/highlights Epy.enchant

For custom outfits epy enchant

For editing, I suggest using a bigger canvas size such as 1500x1500 to start with your edits and use a 2.0 pixels brush to start your outlining, just go with the flow and try to make your lines as clean as possible.

For splashes and covers, I suggest adding some things that give a “touch up” to the cover such as overlays in the character representing as this and that, also try using a font that goes with the whole cover, example:
My story genre was horror/fantasy, to make it look like I emphasized the cover I added some overlays such as Graveyard, the character in a knife and a magic mirror

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