Slay Writers! Group!/ (Needed)

Hello, Episodians!!

My name is BabyMama, AKA Bae. For short.
I’ve working on a group called Slay Writers, I have successfully succeeded in the basics of making my dream come true.

That Dream Is:
To finally have a group,

If you are wondering jobs are here:


Idea Helper
Character/outfit designer
Title Ideas/Description Designer

If we are full, we will not be accepting anymore people.
Whoever signs up first, is co-owner, which meanings they have full contact, property, and say in everything.

  1. No drama
  2. If you are declined do not say anything except “Thank you for you’re honesty.”
  3. Be kind, honest, and not judging others.
  4. Disrespect other members, you will be flagged and banned from this groups
  5. If a member gives you a problem contact me, email:
  6. If you don’t follow these rules, you’ll be paying each consequence!



Can I join

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Of course! You’re the co owner. Please do the application!

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Thank you! Will do

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If you don’t have insta, or email. We can chat anywhere else.

Just filled out the application. And my Instagram is cupcake.blossm

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And if you want my email just let me know

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Oh okay :blush:

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You have been



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Thank you so much :grin:

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Do you have art examples?


Just a couple of my art that I did for myself


Messed up on the first one

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I think it looks fabulous! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you :heart:

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What time is it in Colorado?

Right now 10:40 Mountain Standard time

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12:40 AM.
I really need to sleep, it’s so dark.

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Well I’ll let you sleep I need to too I have school :joy:

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Yes me too. Our school is getting pretty much a 2 hour delay, because of the snow…