Sleep and then react

so I’d like my character to sleep and then wake up.
But I’m not quite sure how to write it in my script…
Hope u can help me out.



Use "@HOLLY starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken

To sleep is use @HOLLY starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop,
To wake up but still on bed use "@HOLLY starts sleep_lay_uncomfortable_awaken

No I’d like her to sit and sleep and then react, u know…?
But thanks tho.

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Oh…okay, but their is no animation for that, she can’t sit sleep and talk , she has to lay down and react or talk

No there is the animation I used in my script, sleep_sit_neutral_loop (u can see on my photo).

Yes there is sleep_sit_neutral_loop, but not she can’t react on sleep_sit_neutral_loop,
Unless you want to use , talk_lay_awake_neutral_loop

Or better still, react_lay_shocked

Or react_sit_confused

I’ve done that. Have her sleep, then zoom in and do a react animation. Shell be standing, so zoom in and cover her legs with the blanket.

Yeah I have the problem that she’s behind a table😬

So she is sleeping while sitting up? Then I would use the sleep_sit animation then react_startled. Or which ever one you want. You just have to re-spot her.

Sorry, I see your script now. Before the react animation, add her new spotting.
@/HOLLY spot (new spot) AND HOLLY is react_…

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Thank you so much