Sleep Demon Idea

I have this new story idea that I am excited about and I’m searching for titles. So, basically the story is about a girl who’s suffering from nightmares every single night. Eventually, her family and friends discover that these nightmares are affecting her more than just by keeping her awake. She wakes up with injuries that she didn’t have before going to bed. She is being haunted by a sleep demon and the people around her are trying to figure out how to help her.

If you can help me out with some titles that would be great and very much appreciated.

maybe something like “not just a nightmare” or “more than a nightmare” but that’s kinda basic haha, i suck at titles

Hey :wave:

Here are some:

  • Injured by a Night Terror
  • Hatful Nightmares
  • More Harm Than Good.
  • Bloody Night Terrors
  • A Nightmares Bloodbath
  • Simply Terrifying
  • Simply Night-Terrifying
  • Terrifically Terrifying
  • Terrifyingly Terrific (I like a good juxtaposition in titles)

Night terror is worse than a nightmare.

Hey, here are some title ideas from my << Story Title Shop >>

  • In A Dark Place
  • Don’t Fall Asleep
  • In My Nightmares
  • Fear My Demons

If you don’t mind, I’ll use this one.

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I’m happy I could help :slight_smile:

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