Sleep Schedules

Someone tell me to sleep.

I have been coding for five hours and it’s currently 4AM. I also finished working out prior to coding so my body needs rest. But I can’t sleep. My brain won’t shut off. I feel like I’m becoming nocturnal. The worst part is the fact I still get up at 10:00 and do the rest of my day. I’ve been staying up until 5 every night. It’s so bad :skull:

And like it’s even worse when nobody realizes how much work episode takes. I am not okay rn :relieved::white_heart:


You know, I would say to spend at least 1 hour off technology before bed, but I’d be a hypocrite since I’m on technology 'til I go to sleep. :sweat_smile: However, some melatonin medicine does help me fall asleep faster at night.

Maybe set an alarm for how long you code, and when time’s up, you can put it away and start tomorrow. Maybe.


Hey I understand what your going through , the other day I didn’t gts till 5:30 am but I would suggest to meditate maybe a hour before the time you want to gts , also try maybe listening to some song that will help you relax like slowly songs . As well as maybe don’t drink coffee or tea after 6pm .

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I have problems sleeping too! But here’s some things I was told to do:
Exercise for at least 30 minutes most days
Make sure you’re not having caffeine too close to bed
Put away screens an hour or so before you intend to go to sleep
Try to go to bed at the same time every night
Melatonin also helps!
Do not take any naps lol


I sleep around 3AM and wake up at noon, I’ve noticed I write best at night, mainly because it’s complete silence in the house. I’d say the best way to get a better schedule is to make sure you eat a full meal, use the bathroom, take whatever supplements and medicines by 9 so you have no reason to get out of bed.

A habit of mine is to think about different scenarios in my stories while i try to sleep, laying in your bed in solitude with peace and quiet is the best environment for brainstorming


I usually sleep at 2 AM and wake up at 10:45 AM. Yesterday I couldn’t sleep so I didn’t sleep until sometime after 5:18 AM and woke up at 8ish AM.

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