Sleep_sit_neutral_loop limelight not working?!?


Rylie doesn’t appear in the scene?

Here’s my script:

&cut to zone 3

&TYLER stands screen right in zone 3

&TYLER spot 1.177 -292 362 in zone 3

&TYLER is idle_lay_groggy_eyesclosed_loop

&RYLIE spot 1.001 66 137 in zone 3 and RILEY is sleep_sit_neutral_loop


The and with “and RILEY” has to be all capitalized


well you went from RYLIE to riley…


It can be “and” or “AND”, it doesn’t matter if it’s all caps or not.


Oh really? I didn’t know that. Thank you for telling me.


Stupid me :joy::woman_facepalming: Thanks, gonna try it out.