Sliding issue into new coordinates

I’ve been working on this for hours. If I don’t slide my guy character, he won’t stay in the coordinates when they are holding hands.

The issue is he won’t stay rear when sliding.

Here’s my coding Screenshot%20(20)

:thinking: Hmmm… You mean he faces the camera while he’s sliding?

I reproduced this line of code in a test story, and the character slid while facing rear.


Yeah he slides facing rear, but then for a brief moment he faces the camera. :confused:

Remove the “pause for 0.1” from that line.

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Ahhh. Yeah, as Dara said, he needs a “then” command right after he lands. The pause makes him return to idle the moment he stops “walking” (sliding).

So you’ve gotta either remove the pause or give him a “then” right before the pause. :+1:

I’ve tried that also :confused: And I’ve tried adding a “then”.

I just tested your coding without the pause for 0.1 and it works perfectly fine. Can you copy and paste that line of coding here exactly how you have it now in your script?

:thinking: I am looking at the correct line, right? I still can’t reproduce the error (even with the pause there). The slide looks very awkward when I do it is all.

Sure, this is what I have:

@MICHAEL walks to spot 1.280 189 5 in zone 3 in 1 AND MICHAEL does it while idle_loop_rear AND MICHAEL faces right THEN MICHAEL starts holdhands_give_start_rear AND MICHAEL faces left AND NAOMI starts holdhands_receive_start_rear

Yeah, the slide does look awkward, I’m not sure how to fix that either. Maybe make him walk further behind her, so when he slides it’s not such a big gap?

The code is fine, he doesn’t face forward. But he is sliding really far to the right. I think you need to change the x coordinate so that he doesn’t slide that far over. You should also make him slide while facing left


Yeah, I’ll fix the coordinates. I haven’t tried facing him left, so I’ll try that.

Actually, you don’t need to make him slide at all. Just change his spot when he does the hold hand animation.

So instead of having him “walk” to spot 1.280 189 5, just make him immediately be at that spot.

So change line 1079 to only this:

@MICHAEL spot 1.280 189 5 in zone 3 and MICHAEL faces left and MICHAEL starts holdhands_give_start_rear and NAOMI starts holdhands_receive_start_rear


I finally figured it out. I changed that line of code and changed his walking coordinates without having him slide. Thank you so much queen Dara!! :smile_cat:

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