Sliding or moving without added animation?!

So my character has just hugged another character and I’d like for her to move closer to the character without her re doing the hug animation.

I’m not really sure if that makes sense but what I have is:

@CHARACTER spot xyz in 1 AND CHARACTER is hug_rear AND CHARACTER faces left

But when is use this my character ends up doing the hug animation again and also ends up standing once the animation is done.

Hope that makes sense any help please.

There should probably be a rear hug pose, you can try that.


@CHARACTER spot xyz in 1 AND CHARACTER does it while hug_rear AND CHARACTER faces left THEN CHARACTER faces left AND CHARACTER is hug_rear

Oh sorry I just saw this but I tried that and it came up with a warning saying it isn’t a directing command but I’ve come up with an alternative thanks for the help.:grin:

Thanks for the help.:grin: