Slightly disappointed


This app ends up costing WAY too much money! I want to play so bad, but I just started my first story and have already spent $15 on gems because I want to pick the “premium” answers in the story. Otherwise, if I don’t then the story goes a direction I don’t want it to go and it’s unenjoyable. The “premium” answers are like 20 gems a piece so by paying $15 I only get enough for 6 of those answers and I’m barely halfway through my first story. How can I play this and enjoy this current story and future stories without spending all my money?!? I can’t afford to choose answers to make the story how I like all the time! The answers that cost gems are the BEST choices in the stories and it sucks bad when I have to skip one. I wish the app would have a way that we can earn more gems through like a sponsor or video ad. I know you still earn gems but you only earn 1 for each episode of a story you do. Takes 20 episodes of a story just to get enough gems for 1 “premium” answer and that is just crazy! There has to be a better way for me and others to enjoy this game without breaking the bank. Seriously, the average person cannot afford to play this game in a way that is enjoyable. This is probably the most expensive game app I’ve ever encountered! I don’t know if I’ll continue to play or not… It’s very disappointing… :pensive:


You could read user stories? They don’t have any gem choices. (till now) And btw, gem choices don’t make much of a difference in featured stories anyway… So even if you don’t choose them, the ending won’t be affected. (I think)


Yeah, just some of them are good. Like in my current story a gem answer allowed you to change clothes, find out a secret, or do a certain action on another character. And, when I can’t do that it sucks. I’ve already used all of the gems I purchased in just half of the episodes on the story I’m on. :slightly_frowning_face:


I never choose gem choices to be honest, even if I have gems. I feel like they get you nothing.


I understand, just in my opinion I would enjoy it more… Like when you can learn a secret or something like that because I want to know! Lol… I would find it more satisfying.


I think there are some sites out there that walk you through the potential paths paid or unpaid on Episode. I know they exist for Choices for sure so probably for at least some Episode features as well. Hope this helps.


Ok! Thank you! Also, I saw somewhere on here that you can earn passes to play episodes. Is it true? If so, would you know how to do that?


To the best of my knowledge, you can earn passes by completing Episode’s surveys, which should pop up in your app from time to time if they’re available to you, or by doing the challenges (if those are still available- I’m unsure). As far as earning passes by playing episodes, I’m unsure. Sorry!


I agree with you entirely. I advise you shy away from the stories with gem choices. Here’s a couple of stories I recommend that are amazing and have zero gem choices:

PS: My stories are also gem free and they are linked in my bio if you’d care to take a look.

Please help any suggestions that are not about teenagers?

I stopped reading Episode official stories but when I read them I never used gems for choices and I don’t remember anything that bad ever happened to my character. My choices didn’t even have an effect on the story for 99% of the time. I mean, even if you choose a lame outfit or skip a date with the school bad boy, no worries, you will still end up with that jerk.
Also, as it was already mentioned, you should really start reading user stories, they are just way better. I would have deleted the app a long time ago if it wasn’t for the user stories.
When I see authors I like getting featured, I usually check out their new stories, but even those make me pretty disappointed because they are usually as stupid and cliche as all the others. I guess this are criteria to get featured?


Usually the gem choices only make the chapter longer… it doesn’t have a real impact on the story, well in my experience it has been the case. So most of the time I don’t take the gem choices, so don’t waste your money on it! :wink:


Agreed, it usually changes the outfit, or make the episode a bit longer, but at the end, it doesn’t change much of the story. The gem choices aren’t necessary :wink:


Yup, or it adds a romantic scene or whatever, but MOST OF THE TIME it doesn’t change the story completely… You can definitely enjoy the story without them :blush:


Alright thank you for the info! I probably should have posted here before I spent $15 lol. Oh well… at least I know I can still use the app and be able to enjoy it without spending anything. :slight_smile:


Well, it seems for now they currently have user stories disabled. They are doing some updates/maintenance. They posted that at the end of May and said that it would be a few weeks before all of the features are back up. Ugh, guess I will be waiting to play then… lol can’t win!


I think this should refer to something else, probably the new social feed feature?
I just opened the app and everything works properly. Do you need help where to find user stories?


What is the new social feed? And yes please, because I am not seeing much at all on the app. There are only featured stories to choose from and there are maybe 20 or so total!


The social feed is a new feature that is already available for some users and will be implemented for everyone in the next few weeks.
You can read details in the following thread:
(Thoughts on... Episodes New “Feed” Feature)

Basically all stories are user stories without the small E letter in the top left corner.
You can find them either in the User Stories section, or you can browse between the different genres (except for Hollywood, which only contains gem stories) and also, there is at least 1 additional shelf every week, where user stories get featured (this week we have the Pride shelf).


My app’s “panel” doesn’t have anything like what you have shown in the picture… take a look :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow, now this is weird.

Sorry, I have no idea, maybe you could try submitting a ticket to the Episode team?