Slightly disappointed


I think when you first download the app, you have to read a featured story or something like that?


Yeah, I have no clue lol. I will submit a ticket. Thanks!


But maybe @k.w.episode is right. I downloaded the app a long time ago, I don’t remember…


If that is the case, then I have done that already.


I submitted a ticket and this is their reply… so I guess I will be waiting a couple weeks.

Can’t find Creator in iOS app?

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yeah, you can read user stories bc I used to have that problem of spending gems until I realized that often times user stories are better and quite a few of them do kind of imitate gem stories


Yeah… unfortunately can’t read any at the moment. They did an update and all the features (search bar, user stories, etc) won’t be back up until a couple weeks from now.


I also stopped reading Episode Official stories especially the romance ones cause every time you would go to a party or have a interaction with your love interest you had to pay gems to choose the more interesting choice and that stuff become annoying.


I agree with you. I guess Episode makes money off of charging its users for reads and diamonds. I don’t read featured stories because they require the use of diamonds, and I’m not about to spend my money on them just to enjoy the story. A lot of Episode users don’t have a source of income.


Thanks… my new episode change feed version please update


Oof I know I’m late but I agree that the featured stories are SO money hungry. Like, you feel so bad when you have to neglect a friend or wear some ridiculous outfit because of stupid premium gem choices.