Slivergirl Art Contest

Hey everyone, Welcome to

In this thread you can be creative and have fun.


It has to be your own work. Please do not ask anyone to make your art for you or cropped someone else art as your own. You will be disqualified/banned froming entering any contest I will hold in the future.

Absoutely No Drama.

Be polite

Please NO Stealing. Many people work hard on there artwork and don’t want people use it as there own. If anyone is find breaking this rule you would be disqualified/banned.

You can enter from 1- 10( If you want to enter from 1-10 you can but don’t have to)

Be Nice

Password Gold

Deadline: February 9-12

Style of Art: Limelight

Here is what you guys are going to be submitting for the contest

A outline of any of these characters. You can choose the outfits. It can be a outline or be in color. Background can be anything Valentine Theme, beaches, ocean, sunset etc…( if you want to have a background that I didn’t say please tell me)


More characters will be added

Art scene: The girl that is first would be upset and there are tears coming from her face.
Background: light Blue, black or whatever you think would look good

Art scene
The boy would be comforting/hugging the first girl while tears are coming from her eyes.


Art scene:The boy is having is hand on the back of his head

Background: Garden


1st place: A shoutout on Instagram, judge in my next contest, role in my stories, follow on Instagram and spams of like, a drawn pfp, cover and outline

2 Judge in my next contest, shoutout on Instagram, follow and spams of likes on Instagram, a drawn outline

  1. a judge in my next contest, a follow on Instagram and spams of like, a drawn pfp


Please tagged people who be interested in entering

Have fun :blue_heart:


Entering. Gold
I’m sorry if I tagged you and you don’t want to be apart of it.


Thanks for the tag I will try to enter since I have 9 requests I have to do. :blush:

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I’ll enter!
hopefully get it done in time on top of my endless list of requests


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Thanks for joining. Take your time. You have a few weeks, to submit it. I don’t want you to rush at all.

So is this an art scene contest?

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No not really.

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K I’ll see if I can join

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No problem. You have time :+1:

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Hey guys I’m going to end this contest so yeah

@Jeremy can you close this thread. Thanks :blush:

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I’m so sorry!! :sob: I forgot all about this.

It’s fine don’t worry about it. I’m closing it and might start a new one later

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@Jeremy can youclose this thread. Thanks :blush: