Slow dancing in limelight

Can someone please help me?? How do you get characters to slow dance in limelight???

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when you paste this into your script make sure you

  1. press ctrl+f
  2. type in char1
  3. press the all button in the bar
  4. replace the word char1 with the character you want
  5. do the same thing for char2
    and you’re all set i hope

here is the script for slow dancing, you can also switch left with right.
you can also pause for how many seconds you want, i just added 3

&CHAR1 stands screen center AND CHAR1 faces left
@CHAR2 stands screen center AND CHAR2 faces left

&CHAR1 moves to layer 1
&CHAR1 is dance_slow_neutral_loop
@CHAR2 is dance_slow_neutral_loop_rear

@pause for 3