Small And Large Cover

Hello, I need a small cover and large cover! For my story, Here the deets for both

Edit: I want the male and female character to be edited like this for example

Character Female Details:
Skin: light
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Beach Wave, Black
Eyes: Upturned Bold, Green
Nose: Elven
Face: Soft Heart
Lips: Full Round, Blush

Outfit: Boyfriend Jeans, Trendy Black Top, Ankle Booties Black

Girl Pose: Make the girl wink and shush.
Male Pose: Make the dude stand behind her both arms around her waist

Male Character Details:
Skin" Light
Brow: Bush Arch
Mouth: Classic, Blush
Hair: Black Cropped Hair
Eyes: Classic Round Round Black
Face: Diamond
Nose: button

Outfit: Cool Black Leather Jacket, White Tank Top, Ripped Punk Jeans,

I want the characters from waist up, which is why Im not providing shoe details

Title: Playing With The Lights Off By Celeste W


Large Cover Deets


Same character details, please just put the girl in front of it doing the wink shush, and on the chalkboard in white letters please put Playing With The Lights Off and under it put By Celeste W

And I do want her to be edited


Oh and put it all in White letters for small and large cover please :slight_smile:

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I will do it!

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I can help! Here is my examples if you still need it.

Omg your edits are lit which cover do you wanna do!?

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Examples please :slight_smile:

It doesn’t matter I can make both and then choose at the end of you would like?



Oh how long will it take?

im so sorry haven’t been able to get around to it yet. I have been really busy! maybe it would be best to find someone else I can recommend some of my friends, unless your okay waiting a few more days?

Since your busy I understand, you can recommend one of your friends :slight_smile:

okay killerfrost is very good so as the other members of epy harmony @areial author is very good epy firefy is also amazing.