Small author appreciation thread


In this thread, you can support small authors! Name a few of them below, name their stories, tell us why you love them! Tell us about their storytelling! Let’s support each other :blush:

name authors with millions of reads and i’ll flag your post.

Small authors appreciation post!

I’ll have to find out their names on the forum and their number of reads, but I could get you a few.


It’d be appreciated!


Btw, small author by your description, not number of reads :blush:


Can you please clarify what you mean then? How would you classify a small author then?


Like anything under 500k would be a small author, I’m not by numbers though, Let’s say your rank is #31 in romance and you have 30k reads, you’re a medium author if your rank is stable, however you have #200 or something rank with 30k reads, you are a small author


Hey I’m a small author and would love to get somemore reads :revolving_hearts: I have had my story reviewed before and people have said it has a good plot :revolving_hearts: it’s called Sly and the author name is x_ellie.marie_x :revolving_hearts: also I LOVE business casual by abridgeepisode it’s so good :heart_eyes: the link for it is in her Instagram bio and her Instagram name is what I said above :revolving_hearts:


I’ll check both of them out! :blush:


Ok. That helps explain it a little better.


I too am a small author, looking for readers for my story Some Sort of Drama. I’ve worked really hard on it, and tried to make it as interesting as possible without it being overly cliché. Please check it out!:slightly_smiling_face:


Wonderful! Bed time is coming, I usually read stories before going to bed :smiley:




Episode Royalty
Miranda Lynn
Nina Walker
R. Sax
Dulzura Lase
Tavary Chay
Christina R.
Gisele M.
I literally just named some that I saved. A lot of them are Cinderella stories bc I love Cinderella, check them out tho!


How about 40 reads? Does that make me a small small author :joy:


I just finished one called the stripper
it was sooooo good
it was funny and romantic and drama in one
super funny oh did I mention funny lol :joy::joy:


I want to give a shout-out to my friends @Daisy_W and her original, amazing and funny story ”Flashback Friday” and @idieinyourarms - “LOST IN YOU” which is also amazing and funny!
also “Anser Me” by @pottercreep (hope she goes back to writing soon!) “LOBITA” by @RudeInception need more reads because it’s soooo good. Last but not least “Until I Met You” by @jade.epi (one of the stories that made me cry! and laugh!)


Thanks for the shout out @Apes! You also have an amazing story that is a needs to be read! " I Feel It Coming"!!! I will definitely check out these other reads because you have amazing taste. :kissing_heart:


Here are two great stories that should deserve more recognition:
Revival by Grace S.
Ticket to Paradise by Love S.


Search up Silent Night on episode
It’s beautiful.
It’s not made by me!


I really like the idea of this thread! I’m in the process of writing my first story. So seeing somewhere with emphasis on small authors like me, as opposed to the people that have millions of reads, is encouraging! I’ll name some of I find them. But I look forward to seeing some in here!