Small author R4Rs :)

Thank you so much for this thread.
Here’s my story
I’d love to do r4r if anyone’s interested

Story name-Sinister Love
Author - Mikasa and Panda
Genre- Thriller
Story style- Crime thriller (limelight)
Description- A rich and frivolous boy suddenly discovers his dark side… What impact will it have on others? Can anyone survive his murderous clutches or will everyone fall prey?
What to expect?
Full CC, 1 LI, art scenes, point systems, mini games, choices

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Title - Rhythm of Love
Author Bri_Writes_Episodes
Insta @ Bri_Writes_Episodes

Genre - Romance/LGBTQ+
Story Style - Limelight
Chapters - Just released my first 3!! Weekly updates.
Description You moved to the city to follow your dreams. That’s until you meet her! Now you’re both
discovering new and confusing feelings. Is this
fate, or coincidence?FemLI/MinCC/LGBT/LLI

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