Small author would like advice from larger authors (or anyone lol)

I have less than 400 reads on my story and I enjoy writing it…

But, I am getting discouraged though; i know its unreasonable to expect my story to blow up over night
How can I stay motivated despite being such a small author? I feel like no one cares about my story
How long does it take a story to blow up and really start trending?
This isn’t meant to be a pity party and I plan to keep writing; I’m just looking for advice!
Thank you!!


You need to understand that even if you have a small amount of readers you still have readers, readers, real people in life that PURELY loves your and appriciate your content, and I think that’s amazing. That was kept encoungge me to keep on before and even today.

Could take a month and could take years, it’s up to lack and what you’re doing about it. My advice is to promote your story on IG and make friends with other small authors so you could support each other.


What is your story called?

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I’m a small author too and I totally get how you feel. I only have 246 reads (which is sad) but I was still encouraged to better my writing and start a new story that I hope to publish tomorrow! Just keep perfecting your work and hopefully, it’ll get better.


I was gonna give advice, but I can’t relate at all tbh, I had 1 reader—myself—for the last decade of writing and that was just swell with me, I am my own biggest fan. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It’s all about the love of the craft. :grin:

Other than that, basically what Mehasels said lol.


thank you for the advice,; i feel much better :)):heart:

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“banished” !!

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small writers unite :triumph::blue_heart:

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HOO-RAH!!! :joy: Small writers are the best, what are you talking about?

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So I’m not a large author by any means, but I’ve found success on the Episode app greatly depends on Instagram. It’s something a lot of authors see as optional, but to me, it’s crucial to connect with readers, hear their feedback, and interact with Episode itself. Episode as a company will have trouble finding you if you’re not commenting and liking their things. They ask for recommendations all the time, and that’s (mostly) how they find authors to feature.

And of course, write a good story. That’s the basis for all future success. You can advertise yourself and your story all you want, but if you’re writing something you’re not passionate about, it shows. Love your work before asking others to do so :heart:


I didnt noticed where is episode asking for recomandations?

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i’m not an author but i’m writing a story and I think the best way for small authors to gain reads is to target episodes audience and update fast and consistently. And by update fast I mean a new episode every day. That’s the quickest way to pick up readers. Social media, promotion, reviews, read for reads are temporary fixes and don’t matter as long as you target episodes core audience and update crazy fast.


On their Instagram Episode Creators!


I’m just starting writing a new story under a new name because I was so discouraged and basically lost all hope

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I’m a small author as well and I know exactly how you feel! Especially since I do a lot of coding w/ overlays and it takes so much time to do one little thing. But I always remember despite having a small number of reads, those people genuinely like my story. And they’re dedicated to seeing the whole thing through. Don’t give up on what you love to do just because people can’t see what you see. Plus, some reads are better than none at all!


what do you mean?

thank you !! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

Im a small author as well What I find helps doing R4Rs sticking to promises you can commit to. I have made friends on the way as well. I have instagram and give speak peaks etc, I have now on my thread I have the recommendations from readers Ive got, My own advert I made for my story etc.
I also try and help out authors who are having trouble with there stories as much as I can (even though Most of the time I need help as well) :joy:
Just keep promoting and when you feel down you just need to put it aside. THIS IS YOUR STORY and you have worked really hard on it and you want to show the world how awesome It is, I have four lovely ladies Who I recommend on all my threads, I can see if any of them are up for doing a R4R with you? And if you up for it as well?
@MerryMirrors remembering me
@samantha_episode_1 A heartbreak century
@AliceC.Episode4 The heir and his female bodyguard
@Eclipsa Green Sea shell


It took me months of writing on Episode and the release of two stories to get to 1,000 reads on Episode.
You really do have to just keep writing. It can help to join contests, especially if you get an Instagram. A lot of prominent authors will promote and/or recommend contest entries by small authors during that period.

But mostly, just don’t give up. If you think you have a special story to share, then share it. You will get readers, even if it’s slow at first. If you give up, you will get 0 reads.


I actually do not think that publishing fast is the clue… For this you first have to have soma basis of readers who want to read ehole story… If you will have only 1 reader even if you publish every day you will get. 1 read gain pwr day. So if your episode will have 20 chapters your ehole story will be published and you will have only 20" read all together and then no gains at all till anotrer reader finds the story… Most important is to attract new readers make them know the story exist and is worth reading. Regardless if it is ongoing or finished in my openion.

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