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Hello! Thanks for making this thread! Newbie here with my very first Episode story. I hope you will take a second to check out my story (and tell me what you think)! Many thanks in advance and HAPPY READING!! :hearts:

Here is my story information:

TITLE: Whoopsie Daisy
AUTHOR: Sunrise

GENRE: Little bit of everything but I put it under the Fantasy category.
STORY DESCRIPTION: She lived a normal, peaceful life but thats all about to change. Will she survive her new life? ~ Drama, action, & romance with a twist on the supernatural and a splash of humour ~

COMPLETION STATUS: Published up to Episode 5 (6th is waiting for overlay approval and more episodes are coming soon)

Instagram: alleyesonsunrise
I have some teasers from my story on there if you want to check them out.


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