Small Authors like Me, Promote your Story here

Hi🌸 I’m a new author, I just published my story more than 2 weeks ago…
You can down your stories here,
Other authors might be interested to do r4r with you as well.
I’m also doing read for reads and shout out for shout out.
Just let me know if you are interested.

I will create a list, for it to be organize and clean.

Here’s my story if you’re interested.

Author : Maria.writes
Title: : Tame Her Heart
Genre : Romance
Episodes : 6 (more coming soon)
Description : NYX caught KNOXX’s Heart. But what happens when 2 unexpected encounter made him Crave to Tame and Tease you. Will ROMANCE distract you from hunting your Parent’s killer?[CC,LL,ART]
Style : LL
Instagram : @hart.episode
Link :
Large Cover : My_Potential_Reaper_posterImage_saiw39Duf0
Small Cover :My_Potential_Reaper_posterThumb_WnwMK4mvHB

Stories to read :
Arena Of Pride - @jellyepi11211
DEVIOUS - @isabellaaa
Squad: Summerville High - @EveM
Shado - @Roy
Never Forget - @Volleynika
Blood For Love - @Pollyotty



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