Small authors share your stories with us?!

I just finished reading ur story and I can’t wait for more episode!!!

Story name: Dancing with Danger

Writer name: Honey Bee

Genre: Romance

Style: Limelight

Short description: When fate intertwines you with a mysterious man who holds the power of life and death in his eyes, danger becomes unavoidable. Can you survive Him? What will you uncover along the way?

Status: Ongoing

Diversity: YES.
Ig is: @honeybee_writes

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Story: Dangerous Hearts


Description: Trouble seems to follow her where ever she goes. Especially when Wren is involved. Her world comes crashing down in seconds. He wants back in her life and this time he’s staying.

Episodes: 14 (ongoing)

Instagram: karoline.writes

Thankyou for the thread! Here are my stories in case you want to check them out❤

Beneath Her Beauty

Lost, forgotten, a damsel in distress. Sunday is about to get a whole new meaning in life and it’s all thanks to the stranger she served at dinner. CCARTFT Winner

This story currently has 8 episodes.

Your Firefly

After the disappearance of your father you’re stuck with a sexy bodyguard, will the tension between you both rise or will the lies they hide behind be your downfall? M/F LICCART

This story currently has 26 episodes and is almost complete.

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Story details
R&R: The Game Of Fear
Author name: Lana Rose
This story was inspired by Jumanji and some of my favorite scary movies. :skull_and_crossbones::ghost:
A mysterious board game is more than it appears and more than you bargained for. Risking it all for $5000, you roll the dice. Will you make it out alive or lose this game of fear?
Genre: Horror, adventure
Style: Limelight
Diversity: Yes
Point system, Advanced directing, Mini games, CC, Choices that matter, 2 LIs
Insta: @lanarose.creatres


Self promotion for my first ever story!

Little White Lies by Lemonily
Full CC, 1LI, split POV between the MC and LI
Choices affect dialogue and episode length

Sawyer Billings is a normal post grad trying to find a job. Then she meets Patton. Who introduces himself as John. And that’s just where the lies start.

Its my first story, so it may start slow, but I think I’m getting the hang of coding so it would mean a lot to me if you gave it a read. The first 7 episodes are out and the 8th one is being worked on now!

It would mean a lot if you gave it a read!

Hi! Small author here! Thank you to anyone who sees this and gives my story a chance.

Title: For Loving You
Genre: Romance
Description: After being left at the alter Valerie closes herself to love. What happens when she meets Daniel who is just as broken as she is.

  • Full CC
  • Some Choices

Link to story:

Title: Taming Mr.Wylde
Description: A perfect life with a perfect boyfriend, what else could a girl dream of? Until you discover the shocking truth of the new boy at school… Can you keep a secret? [CC, Choices, LL]
Genre: drama, romance

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I hope you’ll give mine a try and enjoy it as well!<3!

•Story’s Name: Violet Eyes
•Story’s Main Genre: Drama (It also has romance and action)

•Story’s Description: She is a devoted detective who haunts down every criminal. He is a ruthless Mafia boss who is captivated by her violet eyes.Lies,Passion, Murderies.Will they manage to be together?

•Story’s Cover:

•Story’s Link:

Hi, do check out my story . I d really appreciate it.
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Story : Love is Indescribable
Style : Limelight
Genre: Romance
Link :


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Title: Murder at Ambrogi Mansion
Author: Cherby/Amaterasu
Genre: Mystery,t hriller
Style: Limelight (classic version completed)

Murder at Ambrogi Mansion is a mystery story rife with twists, betrayal and shocking revelations. When you’re invited to the mansion of your estranged friend, the famous singer and performer Nadia Ambrogi, you are accused of murder. As a fierce winter storm howls and moans outside, can you unearth the unspeakable truth buried deep within the mansion’s walls?

Official Story Instagram: @cherby_amaterasu, art instagram @Saintess_Impromptu

!!new story!! Give my story a chance <33
Title: 21 days to love
Author nickname: Fifi
Chapters 3 (on-going)
Genre: romance/drama
**Customization: yes, but limited
Description: You were sent to summer school to improve your education and mental health. Is it easy not to get attached to someone or is it time to start a new life and trust people completely?
Style: Ink

I just published my story!! Give it a chance if it interests you!
Title: (Not) Guilty
Author: saniya
Genre: Mystery
Episodes released: 3
Style: Limelight

Description: “Let it go, it’s all in the past”, they say - but what if the past doesn’t let Michelle do so?

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Title: For Loving You
Screen Shot 2021-04-09 at 2.03.41 AM
Author: Marerlyn

Genre: Romance

Description: After being left at the altar, Valerie closes herself to love. What happens when she meets Daniel, who is just as broken as she is. Will they let love set them free or let their pasts haunt them?


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Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sineadoneill.lovestowrite

Story Description
He’s a hot, heartless, mysterious vampire. You’re a powerful vampire slayer! What happens when you end up struggling to resist him and his charms? Will he love you, or kill you? (cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, 1 LI)

Eat Stake link

Title: Far Away
Author: Sinead O’Neill
IG: sineadoneill.lovestowrite

Story Description
Lucy’s life is in so much trouble, so she’s forced to move away. While hiding from her troubles, she meets a mysterious guy with his own dark secret. (cc, choices, adv directing, music/sound, 1 LI)

Far Away link

Hiii everyone! I released my first story three days ago, I believe whoever is into vampire romance will surely enjoy it!
Title: Lean on my shoulder ✾
Genre: Drama/Romance/Fantasy
Description: "Punished"in going back to high school he was forced to comply and simmer down.What happens when the"almost"queen bee he abhors makes him a cogent tender that’ll twist it all?
(it has full CC btw)
Story link:
Small cover:

Hi there! This is my story. I’m also in for a read 4 read.:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story: Follow the dream
Author: Chey_episodes
Genre: Romance/Drama
Style: LL
Episodes: 1-26 ( more coming soon)
Description: Jaylin is a famous model who follows her dreams in NY. What will happen when she starts her new job and the boss appears someone you know? LL 1LI
Instagram: chey_episode

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Follow the dream (20 Out)

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Hey, my story is called Coffee Shop Girl
my name on the app is lost in the story
my story is a romcom with a male main character.
it is in limelight and there is customization for the MC and LI with diversity.
Grace is your typical girl next door. She is sweet, gorgeous, and everything Spencer dreams of. One problem, She is unavailable… Or is she?

i tried to look you up on ig, but came up with an unknown user. :woman_shrugging: