Small Business - Artists that sell their work online? (esty, threadless, redbubble & etc.)

If you sell any kind of art online please leave us the url so we can check it out.
I would love to support any of you trying to start a small business or just trying to make some cash off of your hobby!

Feel free to ask questions or even leave tips. :blob_hearts:


you are a great person :slight_smile:

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I use threadless and cafepress!
(visit my threadless site :sneezing_face: )

Ayo Extra tip check:

If u r just confident in like, talking with people and stuff, then download squadrun…
This is literally, the most legit app ever. You just have to call people and ask for their address confirmation for their parcel deliveries and type it down in a form (its in the app) and you get around 500 points per call (thats around Rs. 5 if u r indian lol)
and, you can redeem your points once they are i guess 2000 or 6000.
The call thingy is not really the ONLY job to do. They might also give jobs that include organising clothes according to their type and style in various categories.
Soo yee, check that out lol

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