Small Cover Art and Splashes!


So I am looking for someone who is good at edits and can do custom poses please! The art community here is lovely so I would be grateful for!


I am changing up a few of the splashes I use later on in my story as well so I’ll be requesting those here as well!

Here are the details :heart:


I was wondering if the characters could be in the above pose, but there will be some variation! It’d be greatly appreciated if the art is HD and the characters are edited :blush:

The female character would be

MINDY (female)

Character Details:

Expression: If it isn’t too difficult, the facial expression you get from talk_apathetic or just her laughing is fine/a happy expression


Lumber Skirt
Gold Dangly Earrings
Femme Fatale Beige Heels
Black Dressy Crop Top

DEREK (Male)

Expression in the example is fine.


Black Plain Suit Shirt and Tie
Slim Slacks (Black)
Dress Socks and Shoes Black


Title: Crossed Paths
Author name: Dreamer

If possible, could the font be in white?


Welcome to Crossed Paths

MINDY and DEREK (details shown above)

Text will say: Welcome to Crossed Paths

MINDY pose is flirt_shy AND DEREK’s pose is blush
They are close to each other, facing one another and if possible, can the outfit choice be yours (I am a nightmare when it comes to picking outfits lol)

Music Splash

Text: Turn it up! This story uses music and sound!


Hair: Classic Bob (Fawn)
Face: Round
Eyebrows: Thick Flat
Eyes: Upturned Luxe (Blue)
Nose: Soft Natural
Mouth: Blossom Lips (Orange Crush)
Body: Ink Female (Taupe)

Pose: head_bob (lmao I think that’s what it is called)

Outfit: Navy Blue Shorts Onesie Bottom, Circle Dangle Earrings, Wedding Long Sleeve Lace Top (Peach), Orange Pastel Platforms

Crossed Paths Splash

Text should just say: Crossed Paths


The reference pose - so the two main characters Derek and Mindy are in an embrace (doesn’t have to be exactly as above but fairly similar please!)


I know how much it is to ask but for anybody willing, thank you so much!

I’ll credit you according to your Forum name or if you wish me to credit you in any other way, please tell me and even if you wish, as a token of thanks - you can feature as a character on my story :smiley:


All pics should be in HD please!


Episode harmony can

Thanks it is quite a bit of work haha - so the poses I asked for would be okay to do?

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Awesome thanks a bunch - if possible, can you upload the results on this thread please. :heart:

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Sure I give sneek peek

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Thanks :slight_smile:

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Whoops I should mention, the characters are as normal (not drawn) and just lightly edited around the face please.

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Heres my examples btw

Untitled72 Untitled69 Untitled64 Untitled52 Uploading…


Heyo! If Chris is fine with it, I would like to do one!

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I will try and get everything today

Ummm huh

I like to do it by myself

And you know you can count on episode dreams for all your art needs

woah that kinda rhymed :joy::joy:

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Haha lol. I mean I could do the small.

And some people at episode harmony is already helping me

Did yoy make that

No I don’t wanna help you. I was wondering if I could do one of the covers

Raven, it is alright so please just do one or two splashes - it is a lot of workload and I love to showcase multiple artists’ work in my stories :slight_smile:


Eh its ok