Small Cover Art and Splashes!


mabe because she was on it to much or something and I thought you were ignoring me

But her account not deleted

Yes but she isnt comeing on ever anymore

Are there any other members who could do the splashes?

And i am sorry I cant complete your splashes

Yooo girl I can do them

Just request here again

But what about @kerubiel

Episode harmony can

Don’t worry about that.

Don’t worry I’ll handle it

Someone is doing it already

Don’t tag me lmao

:sweat_smile::sweat_smile: sorry about that, either way have a wonderful day!

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No you didnt tag her

Ohh my bad hehe

Hehe Its ok Daysie( Can I call u that )

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Of course you can, I love it :smiley:



Actually. I wanna kill the body unclear msgs