Small Cover Art

Title: The Diva Association
Genre: Comedy
Name: Neveah
Skin Tone: Toffee
Hair: Diva Curls
Hair Color: Black
Eyebrows: Classic Natural
Nose: Elven
Lips: Full Round
Lip Color: Ruby Red

Shorts: Denim Shorts
Shirt: Steam Punk Corset

Description: When Neveah joins an elite boarding school for the rich and privileged. She didn’t expect to be caught in the middle of a love triangle and student body murder.

Animation: Think

This is my large cover

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I dont get it

April 21

I dont get it

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so you make small cover art


I should’ve been more specific I was looking for small cover art

oh I can make one for you go to Making cover art And splashes (1-30 minutes)(Free)(open)