Small Cover Ideas? (horror story)

Sssssoo I am working on a new story! Buutt idk what to do for my little/small cover!

Some helpers:

Desc: Each new episode can contain murder,weapons, or maybe a plot twist, leaving you hanging for what comes next!
(Each episode is a new horror story)
Large cover:
Aaaannnd this is where you come in! Tell plz tell me any ideas and I will credit you on the small cover! Plz put how 2 credit u if I choose your idea!

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You could make the main character looking terrified maybe outside or hiding somewhere and put like a killer further back staring at her holding a knife? I don’t know :joy:.

Or like any character? I’m not too good at ideas.

There isn’t a mc each episode is a new horror story. If that makes any sense?

Yes, it makes sense. I was thinking how about you make like four different scenarios and like put them into the one cover like boxes if that makes sense…

Hhhmmm lemme try…

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Ok. :blush:

kgu like dat?

Yes, it looks great. :blush:

oh ty how do u want credit?
(for the idea)

No need for credit. <3

okie tysm!

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Your welcome x.

@Sydney_H close this please!

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Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: