Small Cover Needed - Love story!

I’m looking to have a small cover/title art created for a story I’m currently working on! It hasn’t been published yet, but here is the description:

Title: Going the Distance.
“Daphne’s high school sweetheart drops the bomb of a lifetime after his graduation. Will they navigate the storm, or will their ship sink under pressure?”
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance

I’m wanting my two characters to be posed in a way similar to the famous Sailor’s Kiss photograph from WWll, but a little bit different. I’d like his hand to be wrapped in her hair, the background doesn’t need to be NYC or anything like that. With the title of my story at the top in a script type font?

Here are my characters:

Episode doesn’t have military uniforms as outfit choices, but if possible I’d like if in the art, Dillon would be in the Sailor’s uniform.

If this is too much to ask I understand, I would just love to have an official cover before I go to publish my story. :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance <3

You can request on the coven art group if you want.