Small Cover Needed โœจ

I am fairly new to Episode Forum, but not so much Episode itself. I have a new story I have high hopes for and it is called Opposites. I have decided I want to change the name to Rebound, for the story is more about Phoenix and the other love interests trying to find love in someone else. I have tried to make my own art, but I have come to the realization that I suck at it lol. If anyone would like to do a spin on this image below or would like to make their own cover for me that will be greatly appreciated. Also, I do not have a job or money to give to anyone so sorry :upside_down_face: you can also just use this as a opportunity to practice your own art using my characters if you want :woman_shrugging:t4:If you can bring a realistic approach and make it free just for me, I will literally kiss your feetโ€ฆ okay not literally but I will LOVE you!!! My Instagram is promisefrmepisode



ROYAL ART SHOP blue_heart {OPEN}


Itโ€™s free

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check out my art shop its free .pipers art shop