Small creators ig gc!

Hey everyone!
I’m making a groupchat on instagram for writers to make friends, share new stories, support each other, give opinions and ideas, and just talk!
Follow me on instagram at decemberdreamer.episode and text me an emoji to be added!


Hey, could I join? :blush:

I would like to join!

sure what is ur username?

sure what is ur username?.



I’d love to join :purple_heart: @sincerelymiyako

Hello :two_hearts::wave:
Follow me on Instagram : Anasfa.EpisodeStory
I published a story , check it out :wink::blush:

I’d like to join!

Mine is @ly.epii, but I won’t use it as much yet… :sweat_smile:

hello :wave: would anyone like to read my newest story? My instagram is @cjadethewriter and my story is “Sweet and sour”, and yes I do read for reads

I’d like to join!
My insta is @ niaxwrites

I’d love to join!! My IG is @episodesapphire

Hey I would love to join!!

Can I plz join

whats your ig

yeah! whats ur ig?


Can I join? :blush:

yes! whats ur instagram

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