Small + large cover needed

i really need a large and small cover for my story ‘Exposure’ i would be really appreciated if someone could help me, preferably drawn! :slight_smile:

Limelight or Ink?
I only can do edited but check out my shop:

Official Art Shop Thread and more… {OPEN} [4 Artists]

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i was really hoping for drawn, could you wait until tomorrow? just so then if no one can do drawn covers then if it’s still alright you could do an edited one? :grin:


Sorry, I’ve realised that drawn is a lot to ask, so if you’re still offering could you please do me an edited small and large cover? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes just send me the Character details, pose, background, and the title
It will be done by tomorrow or later today

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skin tone: neutral 03
Eyes: female generic, black
hair: long down wavy princess braid, platinum blond
nose: round button upturned
face shape: diamond
lip shape: full flat top pouty, rose light nude matte
eyebrow shape: arched thick styled, chestnut brown
outfit: double button shorts blue marine
nose stud silver
clear heel high heels plastic rose gold
off shoulder boho mid sleeve shirt cotton grey
pose: idle_armscrossed_angry_loop

Skin tone: copper 03
eyes: deepest downturned lidded, black
hair: Long Top Messy Curls, dark brown
nose: straight pointed
face shape: male generic
lip shape: medium heart, beige rose
eyebrows: straight medium
outfit: chain accessories ripped jeans denim black
chunky sneakers leather black
beaded leather strapped bracelet leather grey black
open polo belted tight shirt cotton grey black
pose: play_guitar_energetic_loop

CONTEXT: main character is forced to pretend to be in a relationship with famous singer who she doesn’t even like


What is the title and background?

Don‘t forget to credit me.
I can change everthing you want.




Thank you! could you add the title though which is exposure sorry i forgot to mention it

So Exposure?

yeah, that’s the title of my story


thank you!

I couldn‘t choose which one. :sweat_smile: I can change again if you want to.



I hope you can save them. If not then I will send it again.

thank you so much!

Hi, sorry to be a pain but to you think you could make a background out of the cover you made me for the start of my story? :grin:

What do you mean? Without background or something else?

no like the same look but could i have it as a background as well to introduce my story?

So which one do you want from the covers I made you?

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