A group of authors and I have formed an episode book club where we vote on a story to be read by all eight of us a week.If you’re interested in having your story to be read,please fill out this forum (Tap on the link and tap the button ,Book Club Request Form’.
For questions and more information feel free to dm me on instagram: yari.epi
[Here is the link]


A group of authors and I have formed an episode book club.All of us will read your story and also review it .All you need to do is fill this forum out (Click on the link and tap ‘Book Club Forum Request’).
For questions or more information dm me on Instagram : yari.epi

Here is the link

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So a quick question :relaxed:, you only read stories that have 10,000 readers or … :sweat_smile::relaxed:

No, under 10.000 :blush:

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oh okey thank you :relaxed::purple_heart:

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By the way, we’re 8 authors

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No problem,sweetie :heart:

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wow, thank you all for this thread and take your time to review our story’s :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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It’s our pleasure :two_hearts:

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Hi there! :blush:
Thank you so much for this, I think it’s a great way for small authors to get more reads :heart::heart:

But I have a question: What if I don’t have Instagram? I mean, I have a personal one, but I don’t have one for Episode and I’d rather not give away my personal one :sweat_smile:

Our group is thinking about a solution.:wink:
You definitely will have a chance but we need time to think sooo :dizzy:

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Story Name:Shield
Author:Winona Katya
Description:She’s a girl who gets Abused, He’s the School’s new Golden boy. When they meet he does everything to protect her. Little does she know He’s who she needs to fear the most.
My Cover:

Thank you :blush::heart:

Thanks for take your time to write your story information but you need to fill out the forum.We only read stories from the forum

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Thank you for doing this! <3 Will you post your reviews anywhere (on IG or here on Forum)?

Thank you so much for this :two_hearts:

Yes on instagram, we would post it in the feed or dmit to you .(We only post the reviews if the authors want it to be posted.)
If you don’t have instagram- we would send it to you per forum or facebook,twitter etc.

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@manand61 we’ve found a solution.
If you don’t have insta you need to follow us on episode.

Episode names:
Lucina Morningstar
Josca Denise
Jaylin b.

We willcheck it

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Thank you :heart:
Can I see pictures of each episode profile so I can make sure that I’m following the right people? :blush: