Smaller Stories Featured on Youtube

So I had an idea. Should I create a Youtube channel and read one or two episodes of a smaller authors story? For free. By smaller I mean under 5k reads.
Is this a good idea?

  • Yes
  • No

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Thanks for your time.


Some people don’t like that. If you decide to do this… Make sure you have permission to their read stories. :sweat_smile:


Yeah. There would be a request thread


ps how do you make a vote

I mean, it does give recognition but at the same time it does decrease reads as people don’t actually read it but watch it.


Yeah I agree 100%. But I was also wondering if I read like 1 chapter it might leave people on a cliffhanger. But I completely agree with what you said.


It would be up to the author, if they agree then there shouldn’t be a problem.

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That is a great idea!

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Wow. I never really thought of it like that.

Like stated above, I guess having the authors permission (which includes your request thread) would be perfect alongside your idea.


I’m going to open a thread tomorrow. I will probably tag the peeps that answered yes

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Maybe ask permission before. :grin:

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Mine isn’t under 5k but if you want to read it, it’s called Toxins

If you do this in hopes of wanting to give smaller stories exposure, I would recommend asking the author first and then doing reaction videos of part of the chapter instead of the whole chapter. Otherwise, it takes away from potential reads.

Perhaps maybe record bits and pieces of the story and explain the basic plot, characters, and what you thought of it. It doesnt have to be a review but that way you’re not ‘taking’ views but you’re giving readers a taste of the story and leave them to check it out if they want more.

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