Since a lot of people are against the new story In My Bed, I’d figured that it shouldn’t start there. Users in this community are pushing towards this story to be removed COMPLETELY off the app. They are doing this by having a movement called Episode Hypocrisy. Since this movement is going on, I figured I’d go ahead and have a movement myself. Some of you might disagree with this, but I believe in standing up for what’s right. I don’t like complaining as much as I am doing right now, but I feel like Episode should change their ways.

The Smaller Authors Movement is about less known authors being treated equally as top authors in the community. Yeah I know they saying: everybody has to start from somewhere. But, that could be kind of hard for some people like myself. Earning 500k reads in 60 days could be very hard and stressful. That is NOT as easy task for less known authors that nobody really knows about.

If you like the idea of having this movement, please share your thoughts :slight_smile:


I agree


Support! Where is the new or upcoming authors shelf?


That would be nice .


They should have a rally where the pick an author and select a new story to go into the feature second without having a story contests. like every two weeks.


#SmallerAuthorsMovement !!!


I think they need a general feed of stories that have been recently updated/published (an example of this would be Quotev).


We’re giving them plenty of free (some of it being amazing) content that takes very long amounts of time to be created. The least they could do is listen and treat the people on their platform well, including smaller authors.
#SmallerAuthorsMovement :fist:


You have my full support! #SmallerAuthorsMovement :heart:


Please show your support on Instagram if you have one! The more people that are supporting, the louder our voices will be heard.


What’s your instagram? I would like to repost your post!






I just re posted it! My ig is idontknow_episode!


This is amazing and I 100% support it!!!


Thanks for everybody’s support :slight_smile:


Or they could make a small author panel and pick at random like you can shuffle it by key words and it gives you a random story and a preview of the story its self.


As someone who it has taken a year and a half to get just under a 1000 reads, I spent most of that time wondering what the hell I’m doing wrong. I did repost on Instagram with my own personal story but I’d also like to read everyone else’s too.


Yeah I always share my story with everyone because it’s hard to get recognized in this community.


There are so many great posts floating around the forums with suggestions for how Episode could promote smaller authors. If Episode just implemented one of these, that would be progress. Not endgame, but progress nonetheless.