Smart Comebacks {GAME}

I searched this up, it’s not a game!

Smart Comebacks!

Instructional Needs

Someone will say an insult, the other person will say an insult and it will loop!

This will be just a quick demo.

Person 1: You’re ugly.

Person 2: I guess I’m your reflection now.
You look like poop.

Person 3: Because your like the toilet version of meduca. {Insert insult}

You should get it

I’ll start:

You look like a burnt potato.


at least I’m a snack

You’re a desperate slut (an insult i have actually received)

If I’m so desperate, how come I wasn’t denied?

You look old.

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What does that make you?

Your hair is DISGUSTING!!

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At least I have hair.

You smell bad.

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No you

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At least I know how to make a decent comeback :wink:

Why are you always so rude?


You’re like a monday, I’m Garfield: I hate you.

Why are you so bad?

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hmmmm ok I’ll play . BUT JUST FOR FUN !
Not offending anyone or anything sooo

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I’m a bad bit*h you can’t kill me

sorry I had to

What’s up with your face? :confused:

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Hmmm I can’t think of anything for a burnt potato except from this : it’s not my fault I’m burnt , some one must have burnt me .
But then you could easily reply with : yeah and that person was me ! So errrrrr :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Bitch means dog , soooo …

You’re a bad dog ? Funny , most bad dogs would be in kennels and put down by now

cough cough that was lame

And ya I am a dog…cause all of the guys start barking when I walk past them :sunglasses:

what am I getting myself into :joy::joy::joy:


They were probably barking for someone to help them get a “bad dog” of the streets and be put down


Dudeeee, at least I’m not an animal hater like you.

Idk why I’m doing this :joy:

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Wow , people are already assuming . I’m not an animal hater and i never said i was ,
I’m just saying that “bad bitch” actually means bad dog and most bad dogs do go to the kennels and get put down

Chill, I’m just playing the game :joy:

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Hahahha me too lol soz , that got me triggered bc I dedicate my WHOLE life too animals and nature SOOO it hurts when some calls me an animal hater :joy:

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lol :joy:

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