Smooth zoom problem!

Hi! So I tried a bunch of functions but they all do this weird thing of zooming half way to one place and finishing the zooming in the right place, like bouncing, I don’t know if I’m explaining myself… Do you know how to make it go straight to the indicated place?

the easeinout goes in a straight line and is smooth, you could try that out!

You need to use one that has both in and out in its name! So it will start in the same way it finishes

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This is what I have… It still does the bouncing thing :pensive:

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I tried, but it bounces anyways :disappointed_relieved:

I tried using “linear” too since I just saw it here:

Not working either… :sweat: :disappointed:

&zoom on ---- in 1.5 using easeinout
&zoom on ------- in 1.5

maybe reducing the time might help?

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maybe watch this!

it’s using overlays but you’ll have a better understanding how it works :angel:

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Didn’t work :disappointed:

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how does the scene look like? like is it zooming on a character or something else? or does it go up to down or from one side to another?

im really bad at explaining :new_moon_with_face: :hocho:

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Thank you! I’ve watch it :heart:
But… I want it to zoom in like the “no easing” overlay, like, always the same velocity, you know? :pleading_face:
Can’t seem to be able to do that;

  • Without puting any function, it bounces
  • Putting “linear” function, it bounces
  • Putting “easeinout” function, it bounces
  • Putting “easein” function, it bounces

    :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
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It just zooms to the center of the scene. Like, from a general zoom (almost zoom reset), it goes to zoom on the middle of the background more or less

I’m really bad at explaining myself too :joy:

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maybe making it &zoom on ---- in 5 would go with the same pace as its a longer zoom? (without any function)

I did, it does the bouncing thing :disappointed_relieved:

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Bump :pleading_face:

hi, this has nothing to do with easing funcions (dunno why people do sugest this).

This has to do with how scrip reads the zooms.

Unfortunstelly there is no way how to zoom from already zoomed place to another in a line if the zoom has different % and different x and y coordintes, - it always than does this bouncing because script is not able to calculate the line so it goest firt to one coordinate and than other.

There is no way how to change it.

Smooth camera move from one zoomed place to another works only with same zoom % or with at last one of the coordintes being the same.

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Thank you so much!!! I will try that :pleading_face::heart:

Thank you so much, that was so helpful! :yay:

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