Snappy Comeback Needed!

I’m having trouble writing a comeback for one of my scenes of dialogue. The main character (WWX) is hearing his friend’s homophobic aunt berate him, and I want a comeback that’s snarky and makes fun of the aunt, but I’m not a very witty writer. The dialogue I have right now is below. It’s not direct code yet because I wanted to smooth out the dialogue before coding it in.

INT. Mo Manor Hallway, MXY and WWX walk, Madam Mo enters, MXY and WWX stop

Madam Mo: So you really have brought one of your little friends.

MXY: Madame Mo, I told you about this a month ago.

Madam Mo: I didn’t think you’d be so shameless. What, do you think this is your home? You live here only because of my mercy!

WWX thinks: This woman…

Madam Mo: The only reason I keep you here is because you’re smart enough to have friends in high places who tolerate your proclivities, it’s certainly a struggle for me.

WWX thinks: I can’t let her step all over MXY!

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

with that personality its no surprise you dont have friends in those so call high places.


Wow, that’s good! Thanks for the help!

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