~ Snare ~ Sign Ups ~ CLOSING SOON!


Yes you were accepted. I’m not sure when the Official Thread will be made, but it will be soon. And of course you can tag your friends, but the sign ups will be closing soon :grin:


Okay thanks for the info!


Okay, would you like to keep your latest one, your first one, or both. (If you keep both you would also have to create a male for gender balance)


@Chay Your first faceclaim doesn’t work (for your male)






Ok. I’ll send it in a moment to you


Perfect :+1:


So for the delay… I couldn’t remember the one I originally sent so I had to find a new one…




Thank you!


I am going to drop sorry


Okay, I understand!


My vacation extended … So if the RP starts soon I will have to join later with an excuse …


Ok, I’m currently on vacation too so chances are it will start next week or the week after that

Have a great time on your vacation! :grinning:


can i still sign up for this?


Of course! We need more male characters so if you’d like to make one that would be great! :blush:


can I submit?




Okay, so now that school is approaching :confounded:, I need to now how busy everyone will be.

  • I won’t be that busy!
  • I may be a little busy
  • I will be very busy, but after it starts I won’t be as busy
  • I will be SWAMPED with school

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But I’m super lazy so I might say I will be super busy with school since it’s the final year and what not but trust me … I won’t do shit and I’ll rather be here