Snow on the Ground for a Background



OK, so I was working on one of my stories (I know I’m so lazy when it comes to my stories ) and I added a snow effect to the background EXT. CAMPUS GARDEN - NIGHT however it isn’t the way I pictured it. I need the background to have snow on the ground as well.

P.S It’s an episode official background.

How the Background Looks

With Snow

As you can see, snow is missing from the grass and that’s where I need it lol

Help is much appreciated and I will give credit, thanks ^^


k. hang on. u only want it on the grass ONLY. right?


Yes :slight_smile:


Hm, is this enough?



Yeah, that’s awesome, thanks :smile_cat: :revolving_hearts:




@Sydney_H may you close this topic, please and thank you? :smile_cat: :heart:



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: