SnowFlake’s Art Shop [CLOSED]

How can I credit you?

How ever you like I don’t mind :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here are the details:
Character details:

Title: Staples Family
Extra details: Can you blur the background a bit?

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Hi could I get a cover done?

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Yes you can please send me all the details of what you want on your cover :slightly_smiling_face:

Is this the pose you want and who and how do you want them.


Yes that is the pose, and just them all with that pose standing around

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Btw, I am Mami Alyssa, but I had to make a new account becausei forgot my passcode

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Your cover


Your covers

Small cover

Large cover

Bg, a stage seating arrangement
Characters to be seated

Just keep one front seat empty
Text. Jeremy Live Show, like a signboard

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Thanks so much it’s perfect

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I am glad you like them :two_hearts:

I will be sure to come back if I ever need something else

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Could I have an art scene done that looks like the cover you did except without the titles and could I have it drawn

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Your most welcome come back x

I could do that x

thanks x your a life saver

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Hi, I am just looking for a cover, please please, please.

Details for cover:

Can My character please have this command,

These are the clothes.

And can this be the background?

This might be a pain, but you don’t have to include it, but can you make her face seem more scared?

The story is titled, Clue: Hermione’s Diary

You can put your name in the corner or near the top if you want to but I will credit you anyway.

Thank you so much, I would really appreciate it if you did this.