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Hi, quick question, if you’re reading a story involving a school, would you rather a realistic one, or an easy school.

By this, I mean realistic schools being ones where characters (depending on if they’re studious or not) would do homework, attend classes, etc. Basically where the school is actually involved in the character’s life.

Easy schools are geared to be background noise where the main character meets, or triggers a story event.

In a general sense, as in the story isn’t school-focused, which would you find, as a reader, to be more interesting, and why? Sorry if the lay-out is strange, I’m new :sweat_smile:


I always prefer a mixture of both. Not too much to do with school, but also have the characters be involved. You are doing great!

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The school being involved as you could make many opportunities for drama which gets reads. You could also be on a mission to spy in the school in an action / fantasy. Also in comedy you can do prank wars

It matters what your plot is

That makes sense, thanks for the advice! :hugs:


Those ideas sound fantastic! I’ll try to implement drama. Thanks!


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Sometimes it’s better to just have the school in the background because nearly every episode story is about high school which is quite tedious. (Even my story is based in a boarding school!)

Although if you make the school the proper main focus then I guess that would be quite unique. It would be cool to have an episode where the character is going to a normal school day such as, arriving, form/tutor base, Period 1, 2, break, 3, lunch, 4, 5 and then going home. With a scene for each lesson. That would be cool