So confused as to what to do

I’m here once again procrastinating how certain events should play out…

Option 1
You’re given up as baby for your protection you’re real parents use magic to conceal your true identity until you turn 19. However because you are a hybrid the spell breaks at 18.

Option 2
You’re 10 years old when you first shift. Because you’re too young to actually control it your parents bind your abilities from you turning until you are 18 and your parents swap you with a random wolf pack family daughter and both of you plus your siblings are made to believe you’ve been part of each family all your lives.

I will also take any suggestions anyone has.


I really liked option 1 :blush:


Oh, I LOVE the second one!!!

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I think option 1 is fine as long as the year from MC being 18 to 19 has a huge impact on the story + makes up most of the story, because if it doesn’t then the MC‘s identity being revealed at 18 instead of 19 (when it was supposed to) doesn’t seem all that significant. Option 1 also seems more clear-cut and straight forward.

Option 2 has the advantage of a vaster immediate cast and the potential for more interactivity between the MC and other characters, but it also has the potential to become confusing, overcrowded and possibly insignificant/irrelevant if it’s not written clearly or brushed off (e.g if the reason why the swap needed to happen wasn’t explored in depth or ever revealed, or if there was little to no focus on the MC’s family swap situation throughout the story).

I actually think it wouldn’t hurt if you combined both ideas (???) so that the MC is supposed to have an identity reveal at 19, but has it a year early at 18 (because they’re a hybrid) and within the family that they were swapped to? Could lead to an identity crisis as an important part of the story I suppose if MC believed that the family they were swapped to had always been their family?


I agree with @schittwriter. More like an option 3 → both together. :wink:


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