SO CONFUSED. Help needed

I’m so lost idk where to begin. I’ve been trying to use the gain method but im so lost. Can you tell me what i am doing wrong?31%20AM

@Dara.Amarie @JemU776

On the line of if (Pink Patterned Dress) you are missing a {

okay i added. i also deleted the one by “Pink Patterned Dress”. now i have an error that says unexpected else

How’s your code now?


Are you trying to code an outfit choice? Because if so it’s kinda wrong

It should be
I think I’ll choose…

Choice “dress 1” {
} “dress 2” {
} “dress 3” {
#episode continues

yes an outfit choice and i tried to use gain to make it easier

Easier to do what? Remember it?


Well then the if/elif/else code should be separated from the actual outfit choice

alright i separated them. when should i add in the if/elif/else

Whenever you need the choice to be remembered!

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Got it thank you so much!

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YOU (think_rubchin)
(I think I'll choose...)

choice "Pink Patterned Dress" {
gain pink_patterned_dress
} "Black and White Beauty" {
gain bw_beauty
} "Burgundy Babe" {
gain burgundy_babe

#the episode goes on

When you want to remember the choice the reader made:

if (pink_patterned_dress) {
} elif (bw_beauty) {
} else {

This is more complete lmao


the errors gone thank you so much again. this can be closed :white_heart:

You have to @Sydney_H and ask her to close it

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@Sydney_H this can be closed :white_heart:

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: