So Confused with Labels and Gains - Need Help!

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Can anybody help me with the gain, label, if, else part of coding please? I am still writing my first chapter and learning as I go. I have been going through a tonne of videos and people’s suggestions/advice on forums and now I want to add the full CC of the MC and LI, add dressing game, and also add choices. I am a bit confused as what works for ex; which dressing game is the best when you have full CC and choices in the story as there will be a point system?

Any help is appreciated. :blush:

Dara Amarie’s site offers free templates for full CC and dressing games. There is no specific dressing game you have to use for point systems.

I’m a little confused what specifically you are asking for. Could you possibly explain a bit more or give an example?


Yeah… so I went to the template section and picked the dressing game I intend to add. There is a “gain” one, where the app remembers what outfit the reader chose. So I was wondering when I add choices and the Full CC, won’t this affect the points that I intend to add for different endings? Does the dressing game uses points and will mess up with my choices?

Hope I am able to explain.

Even without the gains, the app remembers what outfit the reader choose using if, else, elif. So, you could use a regular dressing game and be fine. Also, gains and points are different. However, gains and points are different, so gains won’t interfere with your points or choices.

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Ok, I understand.
Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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i hope that made sense, i’m sorry lol. it’s so confusing to explain

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Yes, it is hard to explain by just writing but I got it. I have added the choices. So far it is working fine. Thanks again. :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually points are used in templates because, unlike gains, they can be “un-gained”: many templates use the format in which the reader can, for example, try on clothes before confirming their choice, and, if you add a gain while the reader is still trying on the clothes before the “yes or no” choice, the story will remember the first clothes they tried on and not the ones they chose after.

With points, you can assign “CHARACTER=1” for outfit 1 and “CHARACTER=2” for outfit 2, effectively changing the choice that’s remembered after.

If you are using points for something else in your story (like alternate endings) you can either create a new character and assign the dressing game points to them OR add a “yes or no” choice to every outfit and add the gain only at that step.

If you need a better explanation let me know!

Thanks for explaining but this is where I was confused before. So far I have created different outfits for characters for different scenes. For ex; a party scene, then a breakfast scene, and so on. Before starting a scene I change the characters outfit with @CHARACTER changes into outfit_1 for each character. However, sometime when I preview the scenes they keep going back to the default outfit. I don’t know why and I have to refresh it every time and then too they change to default.

I only intend to make a dressing game for the MC and the rest of the characters I have created different outfits as per scenes. The gain/un-gain I don’t completely understand. I have not used it yet. However, I intend to give readers choices as the story will have different endings. If you could explain me;

  1. The concept of gain/un-gain, when it is used.
  2. Is there some other way that the portal remembers the outfits for all other characters except MC and I don’t have to write the code again and again in each scene.
  3. Same is for music. They sometime play and sometime music from some other scene plays for the next scene, even though I always use music off command.

I love your name btw @lazy_donut :smile:

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If you add the command @CHARACTER changes into … at the beginning of the scene, when the reader plays the story it should be correct. Sometimes the previewer remembers or forgets something, but the story is fine.

  1. Gains are used to remember a choice and once you have added a gain you can’t “un-gain” it. For example if you add a choice between “red” and “blue” and the reader chooses “blue” you add a gain inside the choice and it will be remembered using if/elif/else later on the story.
    This guide is super helpful

  2. To be safe, I usually add the correct outfit at the beginning of every scene, but in theory once you change the outfit it remains that until you change it.

  3. For the music, I always check the preview on the app.

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Oh… thanks for sharing the link. I was looking for an explanation within the templates.

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Since it has been a while since I last coded something, I just noticed Episode has since added a feature to lose gains

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Hey… thanks for sharing the link. :hugs: :blush:

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