So featuring does not depend on reads.............. WTF!

So I just found out that the featuring of a story does not depend or neads, not your ex the original has 900k reads and The Earl and I has 400k, Although I think the care given to your story is primarily based on reads as DeanRivers got no new cover but Pippi did

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yeah. Its kinda weird some get featured some dont. but how is a good qustion.

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I dont know about featuring but in general the number of reads itself is not important for episode ----more important is the trending rate and readers redempton…

if story has lot of reads but most of reders do not finish the story than it is less sucesfull as story with less reads but with most of the reders finishing the vhole story. Also the amut of reads gained per cpecific time period is important.

Some old stories who are on the app fof years might have now milion of reads but it doesnt automaticly menat thea are the msot readed one if you get me.

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It’s about reader retention

It’s not about reads, it’s about retention or reader engagement. There’s a lot of stories which have a ton of reads but low reader engagement


Featuring is not everything I’d be happier with like 32m reads but not featured than 1m reads but featured

I think it depends on retention rates

all you have to do is create a my teacher story and you’ll get featured