So frustrated with the Episode app

I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I FINALLY finished reading all 40 stories unlocked all the other cool stories out there, and they prompted me to log into an account. I am confused because I thought I already had one. i logged into my usual email address, but apparently that account was already used for last time, and it’s not updated. Which means there are like, 4 old stories that I’m reading and still 36 I have to read AGAIN to unlock the episode profile and community stories,etc! There’s a community story I really like, and I want to continue reading it, but I can’t log back to the old account - which basically only has username and password. I screenshotted it but somehow I did it too late, because I only captured a black screen. So I can’t restore my user and pw either way. Or I tried using another one, but it gave me an error message. Now I’m stuck reading another bunch of stories, but can’t log in/out, whatever. The worst thing is that the account I currently am in (sorry for confusion-) is not updated, like every other account. There are no shards or updates or anything. So I am in the old version of the app but I can’t update it. I really don’t get it, I’ve spent a long time trying to fix this and I’m so annoyed at Episode.

Is there any way to actually log back into my account (the one where I could read all the stories)?


i recommend sending a help ticket to episode.
link to make it easier for you:

if they can’t help with the account, that’s a huge bummer. but they can give you some passes to help you. i also lost my account recently so i get your frustration

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Damn, I’m happy I started reading back in 2016 when we didn’t have to read 40 featured stories :skull_and_crossbones:

Anyway, like the person above said try to submit a ticket


You have to read 40!? I thought it was 4 or 5!

Submitting a ticket is all you can do, I think.

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idts, you have to read 40 chapters or something

I remember finishing the first 5 stories I was introduced to, and I just bumped here and there until I realize that my user interface had changed :joy:
And yeah, that means you need about 40 chapters to get to the normal user interface. It kinda sucks :frowning_face: It’s fine when we’re starting out, but going back to ground zero is annoying.
I don’t know how to help you except telling you to file a ticket. But I guess it’s grinding time :upside_down_face:

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You have to read original stories first now? I’m glad I joined a few years ago. That’s insane omg


40 chapters??? thats so ridiculous like what is the reason? no wonder people are downloading it and undowloading it straight away, no one wants to be forced to read that many stories just to have full access to the app. Now I understand why my mum just bought gems so she didnt have to do that crap to read my story
You should send a ticket, they should be able to do something to help, hopefully. Usually, they send a generic email you just have to reply and not take no for an answer and they should do something for you.


when the hell did they change it to 40 chapters?! jesus… :frowning:

So I just saw all the replies, unfortunately it’s still not working. Anyway, thank you, will submit a ticket right now!

Oof new users have to read 40 stories now? :dizzy_face: When I first joined we had to read like 5 or something but if you paid a bunch of gems you could bypass it. Felt like it took forever using free chapter tickets just to get through the 5 stories so can’t imagine how long it’d take for 40 stories :woozy_face:

I feel your pain tho up until a few days ago I was having issues with the app too for a few months- it all started one day when I was on the app it randomly kicked me off, logged me out of my profile/account and whenever I tried to log back in it’d make a brand new account/profile. I knew 100% that I was using the right login info, I always keep the app updated, always keep my iPhone updated to the newest iOS and tried everything I could think of to fix it but nothing worked. Eventually I gave up trying and just used the new account but after that at least once a week it’d do the same thing it did with my first account and I kept having to use new accounts/profiles then for whatever reason the other day after having the same thing happen again for the millionth time I deleted and reinstalled the app, tried logging back in using my first account and it finally worked got my first account back :pray:t3: Not sure what caused it or fixed it tho tbh and never found anyone else that was havin the same issue.

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40 chapters, but yes. honestly, it doesn’t make sense to me. make us read 2 chapters, i don’t care. but 40??

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oof I thought you said 40 stories my bad :rofl: y’all have it better now then cause when I started we had to read 5 complete stories so that’s about 50+ chapters.


How do you login to episode

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Is this your first time logging into episode?
If it is you’ll need to unlock all of the stories [read all 40 chapters]
Once you’ve done that the menu at the side should have more options:

If you tap on profile it’ll give you the option to sign in with either google, [apple], or Facebook so just create an account that way, Just know if you go from IOS to android [or vice versa] you wont be able to transfer your account over : (

Hope this helps!

If this doesnt work and you need help PM / DM me!

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Ok thanks :blush::blush::sparkling_heart:

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Ik snap niet hoe je in de app kunt inloggen en een eigen profiel aan kunt maken. Kan iemand mij helpen?

Sorry I don’t understand :confused:
The problem has been fixed anyway.

there’s a way to avoid reading all those stories via an unpublished story. Just skip to the end of the chapter and it’ll tell you that you completed it! Time consuming as well, but it’s more efficient than reading 35934 hours worth of horrible episode originals.

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That sounds cool, but I don’t really get what you mean by unpublished story? And how to skip to the end of the chapter?