So i am trying to make the blood spill can anyone help me with it?

i already have the overlay with it

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Hey my suggestion is to spot the blood overlay under the character before, like a few lines earlier then make the opacity 0. Then when needed make the opacity 100 then shift the overlay always from the person to get the illusion it is spilling out

What does it look like?

Away* not always

Make the overlay small so it can be “hidden” under the body, then change the scale to make it larger and shift the overlay at the same time so it looks like its spilling out.
&overlay scales to shdjsbshdb in 0.5
@overlay shifts to sjdbjdshb in 0.5


how do i insert the blood overlay into the scene

Use the command @overlay OVERLAYNAME create

@overlay NAME create
@overlay NAME opacity 1 in 0
(Then do the whole shifting/scaling thing)

ok i got that part.

@overlay BLOOD create
@overlay BLOOD opacity 1 in 0

@rachaelgrace I suggest you to have a look at this guide before trying some advanced overlays directing.

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