So I am writing a story

So I am writing a story called mine and I am on the third chapter. It’s about her sneaking to a party with her best friend and they are in the car talking but I need so ideas what they should say when they in the car. I am really not good at coming with good ideas. But I’m not for sure should they talk about the party they are going or something else.

Things to talk about;
Why is she sneaking out? Is her parents strict? She could complain about them.
Who’s party is it?
Who’s going to be at the party? A crush? An enemy? An ex?
What’s happened in the previous episodes?
Things that will happen in future episodes?

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Oh ok thank u so much

i’d say its the perfect opportunity to show the 2’s friendship, you can do flash blacks to get to know more abot them :thinking:

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That’s great thank u soo much