So I have a question for the artists on here (OPINION/HELP)

idk if I put this is the right category but anyways so

I am thinking of getting a drawing tablet since I think if I had the proper tools to draw I could actually do commissions and make much better art than I currently am. My phone is also extremely broken atm so I haven’t been able to draw lol ~ like the color is drained from 30% of my screen

but my parents don’t know I make art or about episode and all that, so I can’t just ask them for a drawing tablet if that makes sense.

I have done some research and found that the apple iPad (the regular one) is only $329 which is something I could possibly pay for myself since I work year round and don’t spend much-

but my question is:

What software do you guys use/recommend that is reasonably priced and good quality?

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Procreate is extremely good for high quality drawings/edits. I highly reccomend, as it’s easy to use. It costs $10, and it’s a one-time purchase. It also includes its own brushes, and there’s plenty of procreate users who have their own free brushes to download as well.


I use Procreate sometimes Ibis…and you could buy some good brushes or find some for free…here are some that are paid for:

Sofia.M.Episode - Base - Hair -

User: @/Sofia.M.Episode & @/Saphilita

Saphilita: Eyelashes

I don’t exactly remember the prices!


User: @/epy.lexy

User: @/episode.tempest

I recommend Procreate or MediBang :sparkles:


I bought an iPad too. I have the iPaid air (3rd gen) and it was like a charm! You should also buy an apple pen for it (the newest doesn’t work on all iPads so be sure to double check!).

Many artists either use procreate or photoshop, I love procreate the most as it’s very easy to use and many artists sell (some for free) custom brushes.

In procreate you can layer your drawing, and the general rule is the more GB your iPad has, the more layers at a higher quality you can use. I only have 64 GB but as I don’t use it for a profession it’s more than enough. You really don’t need 50 layers at max canvas size as a beginner!

And the best thing is that for all it offers you only have to pay 12 for it once!


please remove my tag I never did commissions and I don’t want to be tagged because of it. Thank you. :wink:

And to your question - if you think about iPad then procreate is logical because it is a program for this tablet and as far as I know many do use it.

I personally use photoshop and have a small tablet without a screen from wacom.

Also regarding your parents - there is nothing wrong with drawing digitally - if you feel like not telling them about the episode because you think they will not approve it, you still for sure can talk to them that you want to learn digital art. :wink:


I use procreate on my apple ipad air 4 :))

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I’d like to buy an iPad myself since I’d like to improve my style and create my sketches directly on the screen

But currently I’m using my phone (Samsung galaxy note 10) using my finger and the digital pen included.
As programs I use Madibang and Ibis Paint (the free version of both)
If you’re looking for an app, since you’re going to buy an iPad, I think the logical answer is Procreate since it’s an app that just iOS users can have

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Sooo I don’t do episode art anymore. But, for proper drawings I use an iPad Pro + Apple Pencil w Procreate. I use @saphilita’s brush set, they’re so good & although Procreate is money it’s honestly worth it :white_heart:

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I’m planning to buy procreate. As many people have said, procreate is worthy and recommended, you can even make gif/animation in there, it has a feature to record drawing time-lapse too :purple_heart: happy drawing anyway!

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